What is SEU Create?

St. Edward’s University offers two platforms for creating a web presence. SEU Create and SEU Sites. SEU Create offers students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to build and maintain a site that showcases your coding skills (HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, databases). It also offers more options for applications, such as Omeka, Drupal and MediaWiki.

Should you choose SEU Create or SEU Sites?

We offer two types of platforms for you to display your digital scholarship.

SEU Sites is a WordPress platform that can be used for websites, blogs, or e-portfolios. Sites provides tested themes and plug-ins using WordPress, and requires little or no knowledge of HTML and CSS to manage a site.

SEU Create is a complete web hosting service that enables you to create sites using HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, and databases.

Click the image below to see the features between the two platforms.

SEU Create decision matrix